Transitional Outpatient Program

Hanbleceya’s Transitional Outpatient program is reserved for Hanbleceya clients who have completed the semi-independent living program and are ready to transition to independent, non-staff supported living.

Our Outpatient Program

Many clients, after completing Hanbleceya’s Semi-Independent Program, choose to stay in the San Diego area to maintain the friendships they’ve generated, stay in school or keep a job they’ve secured, remain connected to a 12-Step Community if that was part of their program, and continue their therapy with Hanbleceya at a maintenance level.

We see this as a natural step in the process of building a healthy life outside of hospitals and in-patient treatment programs, a step some may refer to as the “maintenance stage” of recovery. Clients at this point have generally demonstrated a sustained ability to manage their symptoms and medication responsibly, require minimal supervision or intervention to maintain their therapeutic gains, have developed proficiency in household maintenance and upkeep, uphold healthy social connections, work or go to school consistently, manage their money responsibly, and have taken initiative in not only their own recovery, but helping other’s recover as well.

While a Hanbleceya client is transitioning into fully-independent living, Hanbleceya’s extensive treatment team and support staff ensure that the client is able to deal effectively with any difficulties that arise. Typically, clients spend time in our transitional living house before they make their own living arrangements. The transitional living house provides a “trial-run” for living independently while offering support should the client need it. Once the client has demonstrated the skills necessary to live independently, the client is supported in creating a plan to find their own housing.

Clients involved in Hanbleceya’s Transitional Outpatient Program continue to attend sessions, groups, and outings. Most attend 2-3 days of Hanbleceya programming and attend either school or work during the other days. The exact plan varies from client to client and is coordinated with the client’s therapist.


Additional Outpatient Support When Needed

Occasionally, a client in the Transitional Outpatient Program needs additional support. We do not see this as a slip, but rather as a natural part of overcoming mental illness. Hanbleceya’s clinical team constantly monitors all clients for signs of increased symptoms and any other difficulties they may have. Should a client need a higher level of care, the client’s therapist coordinates with the treatment team to ensure that the client is able to successfully overcome whatever difficulties they are experiencing.

One of the many benefits of the milieu therapy offered at Hanbleceya is the strong bonds that are created between clients. Many of the clients in the Transitional Outpatient Program continue to socialize with their peers. This adds a layer of accountability that is missing from many outpatient programs.