VisionQuest Residential Treatment Program

The VisionQuest Treatment House is a licensed adult residential facility (374603028) that provides the highest level of care offered in the Hanbleceya Program. The VisionQuest program offers staff support and availability 24 hours per day, its own intensive programming tailored to resident need, independent life skills training, medication support, and social skills development. The VisionQuest program has been designed for clients who need a higher level of care and supervision while they focus on stabilization, symptom education and management, skill building and independent life skill development.

Admission and Transition

Admission to VisionQuest is intended to be temporary and reserved for individuals who have been referred by the clinical team subsequent to program assessment. Our short-term goal is to prepare your loved-one for transition into Hanbleceya’s semi-independent living program. Additionally, at times during a patient’s process of treatment short-term stabilization is necessary. VisionQuest also provides short-term residency following a client’s discharge from the hospital or need for more intensive support.

Once a resident has demonstration proficiency in time management, self-monitoring, and activities of daily living, the VisionQuest Team and Hanbleceya Treatment Team create a transition plan tailored to each resident’s individual progress and needs. A typical transition plan spans between 2-4 weeks with the resident spending their time between VQ and Hanbleceya housing. Requirements such as preparing meals, socializing, and overnight visits increase in frequency over a designated time span. Transition plans can also be shorter or longer based on the Team’s recommendations.

VisionQuest Programming

Each day at VisionQuest has programming to encompass goals of teaching our residents structure, organization, and consistency, all while balancing relaxation and self-care time.

Each resident completes a thorough assessment in the areas of: Money Management, Food Management, Personal Appearance and Hygiene, Physical and Mental Health, House cleanliness, House maintenance, Transportation, Emergency and Safety Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Time Management. Throughout their stay at VisionQuest, residents are periodically reassessed and given therapeutic assignments to address their awareness and readiness to complete tasks that fall in these categories.

Residents participate in 2-4 groups per day in addition to Hanbleceya programming as designated by their therapist, individual psychotherapy sessions, social activities, house outings, and recovery meetings.

In addition to the regular group offerings for Hanbleceya clients, VQ provides its own intensive programming. Group topics are on a rotation basis and determined upon current resident need. Group topics include: Assertion training, Mindfulness/Yoga, Movement and Balance, Emotion Management, Practical Life Skills, Meal Planning, Breaking Old Patterns, Budgeting, and Time Management. These groups are facilitated by one of Hanbleceya’s trained clinicians and VQ support staff.

VisionQuest Staff

VisionQuest staff complete a rigorous training program in compliance with the Community Care Licensing Laws for Adult Residential Facilities in California. VQ staff are trained in a multitude of areas including: food safety, abuse reporting, medication management, emergency and disaster intervention, first aid, and health and safety laws in compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

In addition to providing around the clock care and supervision, VisionQuest staff complete a multitude of duties and responsibilities to ensure the best care and support for each resident. Duties include: regular consultation with the VQ Program Manager and the Hanbleceya Treatment Team to coordinate care for each resident, overseeing each resident’s medication regimen in coordination with their psychiatrist, supporting residents in practicing healthy spending habits including saving and budgeting, preparing meals, supporting the residents in meal planning on a weekly basis following serving recommendations in the USDA Basic Food Group plan, creating incentive plans with the residents to earn rewards, teaching basic house maintenance and cleanliness skills, facilitating groups, and attending outings with the residents. As VisionQuest is a smaller and more intensive version of Hanbleceya’s milieu therapy approach, VQ residents and staff in the home are encouraged to work together to problem solve, hold oneself and each other accountable, and provide feedback when appropriate. An important role of the VisionQuest staff is to model healthy and appropriate ways of interacting with others, problem solving, assertion, and self-care.