Hanbleceya Levels of Treatment

Founded in 1979, Hanbleceya provides compassionate and comprehensive treatment within a therapeutic community where individuals are given the opportunity to experience genuine connection and bonding with others. Our unique program functions under the belief that individual healing is optimized in a supportive, community atmosphere that fosters personal empowerment and a balanced life. The Hanbleceya community offers a safe and loving environment in which members learn to respond to themselves, to others, and situations in the world in an authentic and effective way.

Developing and Practicing Life Skills

Hanbleceya is an independence-oriented program where each individual is supported in developing and practicing skills that help them live more independent and fulfilling lives. Members of the community are empowered to make choices, search for options, and to solve problems effectively. The self-esteem of each member is strengthened through the process of discovery and learning. Each community member gains an awareness of self, learns skills to create a balanced life, and discovers his or her own passion for living. This powerful treatment option is unique in its philosophies and approach.

Our uniquely structured program supports individuals in need of intensive support for coping with mental illness like schizophreniaSchizoaffective Disorderbipolar disorderdepression, Co-Occurring Disorders, and other significant life conditions. The multiple levels of treatment offered epitomize Hanbleceya’s comprehensive approach to recovery. The singular goal at Hanbleceya is to help our clients learn the skills necessary to live a happy, healthy, and independent life. This step down approach provides assurance that your mentally Ill loved-one will be appropriately supported given his/her psychiatric condition and level of need with close attention being paid to the ultimate goal of teaching him/her the skills necessary to live a life of independence.

Level 1 – VisionQuest Residential Treatment Program

VisionQuest Residential Treatment House is a non-locked, residential facility that provides 24-hour supported living, our highest level of care. Clients live in our licensed, adult residential facilities where they receive around the clock care, programming and supervision. The “VQ” program has been designed for clients who need a higher level of supervision and support while stabilizing and preparing for a less structured setting. Trained Hanbleceya staff conducts up to 35 therapeutic groups each week that focus on stabilization, skill building and symptom education and management. Clients also receive daily support in routine living activities such as meals, chores and medication compliance. Social connection and interaction with VQ housemates and Hanbleceya residents are also built into the daily program and overseen by program staff. Weekly individual therapy is provided by one of Hanbleceya’s experienced clinicians.

Admission to VisionQuest is intended to be temporary and reserved for individuals who have been referred by the clinical team subsequent to program assessment. Our short term goal is to prepare your loved-one for transition into Hanbleceya’s Semi-Independent Living program.

VisionQuest’s facility number is 374603028.

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Level 2 – ClearBridge Social Rehabilitation Program

The ClearBridge home is a licensed social rehabilitation facility (374603611) that provides the second level of treatment offered in the Hanbleceya Therapeutic Community program. The ClearBridge program, like the VisionQuest program, offers staff support and availability 24 hours per day and its program is tailored to supporting the resident towards furthering their development of knowledge of independent living skills, symptom education and management, medications, meals, and social skills development. The ClearBridge program has been designed for clients who need a moderate level of care and supervision while they work towards their treatment goals at Hanbleceya Therapuetic Community and transition into semi-independent living.

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Level 3 – Pathways Semi-Independent Living Program

Following a comprehensive three days of assessment, Hanbleceya’s clinical team will decide what level of care is necessary for the clients being assessed. The Pathways semi-independent living level of care is the recommended entry point to Hanbleceya for the majority of our new clients. Though no overnight, live-in manager is present, Hanbleceya staff regularly visits each house in addition to each morning and each evening, 7 days per week, to verify medication compliance, chore completion and to confirm that the house is in good order. Any deviation from what we believe is appropriate and expected would be reported to the clinical team so the necessary therapeutic interventions can take place.

The main cornerstones of our standard, semi-independent living treatment program include:

  1. Intensive Psychotherapy for emotional balance and health
    • Up to 15 hours of group therapy per week
    • Up to three weekly individual therapy sessions
    • Regular meetings with our program Psychiatrist (monthly or more frequent if indicated)
    • Weekly family therapy
    • Bi-monthly Family Support Group events
    • Clinical Coordination with additional care providers (hospitals, physicians, dentists, etc.)
  2. Semi-Independent Living for greater independence
    A private room in one of our semi-independent living homes located in the local neighborhood.

    • Household management training (meals, budgeting, chores, etc.)
    • Guidance for medication management and compliance
    • Support in developing effective daily self-care skills
    • Learning to live cooperatively
  3. Vocational/Educational Support for meaningful productivity
    • 10 hours per week of volunteer work, paid employment or educational classes
    • Job/school/training placement assistance
    • Resume and interview preparation
    • Support in work/school conflict resolution
    • Development of a strong work ethic and commitment
  4. Socialization & Activity Involvement for building healthy relationships
    • 9 hours per week of client-coordinated, peer-to-peer social activities
    • Optional weekly staff supervised activities
    • Bi-Monthly all-community outings (Beach BBQ’s, client/staff athletic events, etc)
    • Holiday get-togethers
    • Staff supervised weekly activity groups

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Level 4 – Transitional Outpatient Program

Hanbleceya’s Transitional Outpatient program is reserved for Hanbleceya clients who have completed the semi-independent living program and are ready to transition to independent, non-staff supported living. Many clients, after completing Hanbleceya’s Semi-Independent Program, choose to stay in the San Diego area to maintain the friendships they’ve generated, stay in school or keep a job they’ve secured, remain connected to a 12-Step Community if that was part of their program, and continue their therapy with Hanbleceya at a maintenance level.

We see this as a natural step in the process of building a healthy life outside of hospitals and in-patient treatment programs, a step some may refer to as the “maintenance stage” of recovery. Clients at this point have generally demonstrated a sustained ability to manage their symptoms and medication responsibly, require minimal supervision or intervention to maintain their therapeutic gains, have developed proficiency in household maintenance and upkeep, uphold healthy social connections, work or go to school consistently, manage their money responsibly, and have taken initiative in not only their own recovery, but helping other’s recover as well.

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Level 5 – Extended Services Program

Led by a team of skilled professionals, our Extended Services Program offers Hanbleceya clients an individualized therapeutic structure to continue after completing the Hanbleceya Program while living on their own. The Extended Services Program does not require residency, therefore clients can keep up with daily activities and responsibilities while receiving the clinical support needed to maintain stability and independence. Our program is customized to the unique needs and interests of each client to ensure the greatest continued success. It builds on the skills gained within the residential programs and is adapted to the needs of those living independently to sustain and build on the therapeutic foundation established in higher levels of care.

Clients in our Extended Services Program will receive exceptional treatment coordinated to work harmoniously with employment, school or other important commitments in their everyday lives. Each program includes the base program as listed below, with additional treatment support services incorporated as needed and desired to create a comprehensive, individually tailored plan.

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In addition to the regular services provided by Hanbleceya, we also offer several sub-programs that can be used to further your loved one’s treatment goals. Hanbleceya’s Addiction Treatment Sub-Program employs and integrates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment using individual, Chemical Dependency Case Managers for successful and long-term recovery. Our Nutrition Sub-Program strongly emphasizes self-care by incorporating healthy nutrition and exercise regimens into existing treatment plans with the aim of improving the management of psychiatric symptoms. Hanbleceya has also partnered with the Rocking Horse Ranch, a leader in providing quality mental health services, personal growth, teambuilding and leadership, and educational programs utilizing Equine-Assisted Learning and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy.

The following Sub-Programs are offered as an adjunct to the standard treatment program. All but the Addiction Sub-Program are optional but do require a Hanbleceya clinical referral. The Addiction Sub-Program is required for those individuals who suffer from a co-occurring addiction, as determined by the Hanbleceya clinical team at the time of assessment.