Listen to What Our Alumni Have to Say

This section is dedicated to former clients and families of Hanbleceya who have authorized us to share their inspiring words. And though this page represents only a small sample of successes, it nonetheless provides some insight into what is possible when even the most severe mental illness willingly enters treatment and embarks on a guided and supported path to recovery.

For each client depicted in the below testimonials, the family’s desire to seek treatment began with some form of crises which subsequently lead them to contacting Hanbleceya. Upon admission a predictable lack of desire, ambivalence or sheer defiance on the part of the client to commit to program structure ensued. With severe mental illness, the path to recovery is always littered with obstacles. No client and no family traverses this path without challenges and frustrations. This reality held true for each of our authors below.

To protect the privacy of our former clients and families, they will only be referenced by first name.



When I first joined Hanbleceya, I didn’t know what to expect but my family and I wanted help


I am very grateful to Hanbleceya for giving me my life back.


I realized how committed the staff was to my recovery and well being.


My life has been transformed and I am so grateful to the amazing staff at Hanbleceya.


Today, my life is stable and moving forward.


I am now able to help my peers along their healing journey by acting as a member of the leadership group


Our child has been at Hanbleceya for almost a year and the growth he has made has been tremendous.

Linda (Mother)

Our experience with Hanbleceya, as a family, has been incredibly positive.

Donna (Sister)