Meet our Mental Health Experts

Our staff members are chosen for their ability to provide you with the most advanced care possible and their dedication to delivering an extraordinary treatment experience. When you arrive at Hanbleceya, you will know that you are in a safe place—one of kindness, expertise, and genuine compassion for the healing process.

Dr. Karlyn Pleasants, Psy.D.

Executive Clinical Director

Kayla Karesh

Kayla Karesh, M.A.T., M.A., Licensed M.F.T.

Clinical Director

Mario Salguero, M.D., Ph.D.

Independent Psychiatrist

Dr. Aneita Rashford, M.D.

Independent Psychiatrist

Breanne Dargon, M.A., Licensed M.F.T.

Program Director

Stephanie Coyle, M.A., Licensed M.F.T.

Experiential Program Manager

Moises Estrada, M.A., Licensed M.F.T.

Lead Therapist of Addiction Services

Jeff Williams, LCSW

Clinical Supervisor

Jason Stein, M.A., Licensed M.F.T.


Kaely Hall, MSW, ASW


Taylor Stead, M.A., MFTI

Residential Program Manager / Therapist

Brooke Stephens, M.A., MFTI


Rob Martin, M.A., MFTI


Caralie Hammer, M.A., MFTI


Heather Spann

Heather Spann, M.A., MFTI


Dr. Danielle Dellner, Ph.D.

Therapist / Adventure Therapist

James Hanson, B.A., MFT Trainee


Julia Simone, B.A., MFT Trainee


Stephanie Marsella, B.A.

Residential Operations Coordinator (ClearBridge)

Billal Michael

Residential Medication Coordinator

Daja Cayetano

Medication Support Coordinator

Susana Rubio

Healthcare Coordinator

Ursula Ridens, RDN

Lead Dietitian

McKenzie Damuth, RDN

Program Dietitian

Ben Krause

Addictions Program Coordinator

Keith Pratt

Addictions Counselor

Lauren Sampson

Addictions Counselor

Kathy San Filippo

Kathy San Filippo, M.A.

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist

John Malcolm

Physical Wellness Coordinator

Yvonne Walsh, L.P.T.

Director of Milieu Support Services

Kevin Bullard

Kevin Bullard, A.S.

Facilities Director

Michaela Zermeno

Milieu Director

Keely Johnson, B.S.

Work Development Coordinator

Kerry Paulson, B.S.


Meagan Benner, B.A.

Director of Admissions

Katherine Wheaton

Admissions Coordinator

Christian Bumpous, B.S.

Admissions Coordinator

Tanya Lutz, CADC-II

Director of Administrative Operations

Nathalia Luz

Adminstrative Coordinator

Diane Worley

Assistant Administrative Coordinator

Milieu Support Staff Personnel:

In addition to the above core staff positions, Hanbleceya employs more than a dozen full-time Milieu Support Staff personnel whose duties are assigned and directed by our clinical staff. The Milieu Support Staff personnel have significant interaction with clients and often act as the “eyes and ears” of our clinical staff. Milieu Support Staff personnel travel to each house multiple times daily: In the morning to ensure that all members of the household are out of bed with hygiene completed, and are off to begin their daily structures; randomly throughout the day to confirm that household chores have been performed and the house is in acceptable condition; and in the evening to make sure nutritious meals have been prepared and any conflicts have been resolved. Weekly house meetings facilitated by the Hanbleceya House Manager are conducted at the facility. In these meetings, the weekly meal plan and chore rotations are scheduled, and housemates are supported in practicing assertive and healthy interpersonal skills while learning the important tasks of efficient household management. From fixing a broken fixture to assisting in the intervention on a client in a crisis, from confirming medications to leading camp outs or even attending a movie, Milieu Support Staff personnel provide a vital role in the everyday function of Hanbleceya’s community as a whole.